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Exploring The Watson Headache Approach

The Queensland Migraine and Headache Centre is a dedicated clinic for the treatment of all headache and migraine types. A thorough examination of the structures involved in headache pain is undertaken in order to identify the precise cause of your presentation.  

The Clinicians at The Queensland Migraine and Headache Centre are trained under the Watson Headache Approach, which aims to identify and establish the involvement of the upper three cervical segments in Primary and Secondary Headache conditions.



A comprehensive and thorough examination is performed within the initial consultation with a Headache Clinician at The Queensland Migraine and Headache Centre. The assessment involves a detailed subjective history-taking and objective measures to appropriately exclude the potential presence of sinister pathologies. The manual examination consists of various tests for the stability of the ligamentous structures within the upper cervical spine, and tests for insufficiency of the arteries supplying the head and neck. These tests aim to rule out potential secondary causes for Migraine and Headache symptoms, so that the structures of the upper cervical spine can be identified as the discernible contributing structure for your presentation.

The gold-standard clinical sign to determine the relevance of the upper cervical spine in your Headache or Migraine condition is indicated by the relative reproduction and resolution of your headache pain upon examination. This is achieved by producing  sustained pressures on the upper three cervical segments to assess the sensitivity of the Brainstem, a large collection of nerves located within the neck. 

At the end of The Assessment, when a diagnosis has been reached, we will provide you with a clear explanation of your condition and the possible treatment options available to you. The Headache Clinician will be able to determine whether your headache or migraine condition is suitable for the Watson Headache Approach. If we find that we are unable to help with your headache and migraines, we will provide you with a suitable referral.


The treatment process involved differs for each case based on a variety of factors. These factors include headache diagnosis, severity, age, gender, race and general health, among many others.  

The cornerstone concept in the treatment of the Musculoskeletal-sourced Headache and Migraine revolves around the process of desensitising the Brainstem. Within the subsequent consultations, treatment is directed at reproducing your headache pains, and sustaining this reproduction until complete resolution of the headache is achieved. 

This process is repeated numerous times, over the course of a few sessions, until the Brainstem is completely desensitised.  

Improvements can be expected within 5-6 treatments. If there is no significant improvements within this treatment period, then treatment is discontinued. Over 85 percent of clients report of 80 percent improvement or more, even in cases of chronic headache and migraine - in sufferers of over 30 years! 

At The Queensland Migraine and Headache Centre, our vision is to become the recognised authority on the treatment and management of headache and migraine conditions, and to deliver world-class, accurate treatment methods.